Every year, technologies are becoming more and more advanced, which opens up extremely wide opportunities for various companies that can use them to create new projects. Today, July 20, 2020, a reliable source announced that the American corporation Microsoft is working on a new operating system for computers, tablets, laptops, all-in-ones and other electronic devices, the technical equipment of which allows them to connect to the Internet. The new platform is called Windows Cloud, and it is radically different from all existing ones on the market today. The fact is that this OS is cloud-based, that is, to use it, you only need to connect to the global network, while all data will be downloaded from the developers’ servers.

Now, when using the usual classic operating system, it is installed directly on a specific device, and therefore it can be used anonymously, without experiencing absolutely any difficulties. A cloud operating system called Windows Cloud PC can work exclusively with access to a global network, but it works incredibly fast, and all data is stored “in the cloud”, so you can access it from any electronic device, and it is also guaranteed absolutely will not disappear anywhere if something goes wrong, that is, if the gadget fails for some reason.

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